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Our Betty

Posted April 10th, 2011 in Blogs, Poetry by admin
Has tha seen our Betty?
She’s got my mam’s shoes on.
She’s fell o’er in our netty,
And ran clomping off in ’em.
She’s reight dreamy is our Betty
En a bit snotty round her noo-az.
Shiz all ass gerrin dressed up,
In me mam’s best cloo-as.
She dreams o’ queens and princes.
She gizzem nowt in cups.
She wears berry juice for lipstick ,
And sings to cats and pups.
Oh shiz a dreamer reight enough,
That stands aaht a mile.
She wants all world happy
En fly blown kids to smile.
I love our little Betty,
Her hearts as big as bread.
She’ll go to Africa one day,
She’ll make sure them kids get fed.
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Book signing at Waterstones

Posted April 10th, 2011 in books by admin

Signing at Waterstones in Sheffield for Tuppenny Hat Detective and The Whispering Bell.