Time Rocks

Time Rocks

What would you do if you found a high tech gizmo in earth undisturbed since before Stonehenge was built? Sixteen-year-old Jack Shire is blasted back 5000 years to the Stone Age. Only his friend Tori can save him, but she must face a ruthless megalomaniac who is determined to keep secret his control of time travel and the enormous power it gives him. (Sci-fi for teenagers and adults).


When young Jack Shire finds a strange electronic gizmo on an archeaological dig at Stonehenge, he is zapped 5000 years into the past with no means of returning. Vart, a young stone age man, saves Jack’s life, and teaches him how to survive in the hostile, late mesolithic period, an age when wolves, bears, aurochs and lynx roamed the British Isles.

In the 21st century, Tori Morris, tries to find Jack. She stumbles on the world’s most terrifying miltitary secret, something that bestows immense power on its holders. The world will never be the same again, and those who own the secret will stop at nothing to keep it.

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Time Rocks is an adventure story for teenagers and adults.