Spring Heeled Jack o’ Sheffield

Posted February 21st, 2014 in Poetry by briansellars

Spring Heeled Jack ‘o
  Prowls Spring Heeled Jack on nights of black;
  The steel city’s leaping ghoul.
  In filth he scroams Satan’s foul domes,
  Hunting the unwary fool.
  One face time weather’d, spring heels unleather’d,
  He watches with baleful gaze.
  In dark his other, self-same not brother,
  Drags liars to his maze.
  Jack leaps o’er spires, sucks life from liars,
  Garners proud talking fools.
 From dungeons deep on them he’ll  leap,                                                                              Those keenest of Satan’s tools.
 From lost stone ways, or oak beamed his gaze,
 Sees all and waits to leap.
Proud liars beware the night’s dark air,
Spring Heeled Jack will never sleep.

spring heeled jack2

Carving of Jack on a beam end of Queens Head pub (circa 1495) Sheffield

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