Try these links for some great historical fiction:- 

Alister Forrest  author of   Libertas, and  Goliath

Jen Black author of   Far After Gold

Carla Nayland  author of   Paths of Exile

Catherine Hanley author of  The Sins of the Father

When researching Time Rocks these are some of the  locations I visited:-

Underground city at 

Westwood quarry (where the crown jewels were hidden during the WW2)         [There are stacks of Stonehenge websites but this is a good one to start with]               Another good one is the Sheffield University Website    [It’s about the Riverside Project]

For more about the fabulous Peak District and Sheffield try these links:-         Do a search on “Plague Village”  or  “Eyam”–about.touristinformation

A bit of trivia for a pub quiz:-  Sheffield FC is the oldest football club in the world and shares with  REAL MADRID the honour of being one of only two clubs awarded a FIFA Order Merit Medal.   “Norra lorra people know that ”

For more about Anglo Saxons and their History try:-