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Mother Goose Murders

Posted November 29th, 2015 in books by admin

Now out on Kindle

A  famous  actor  is  accused  of  murdering  a  beautiful duchess. Days later he is found brutally murdered. Billy Perks and his pals suspect his misidentification and set out  to  prove  it.  Another  killing  results  when  police ignore vital evidence.

This  funny, nostalgic  murder  mystery, for  adult  and teenage readers, is set in Sheffield in the early fifties.

Mother Goose Murders is the third in the Tuppenny Hat Detective  series .

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Tuppenny Hat Detective

Posted April 10th, 2014 in books by admin

Set in Sheffield in 1951. What would you do if you found an old lady dead in her home, and you were certain that she had been murdered, but the authorities didn’t think so? Twelve-year-old Billy Perks and his friends turn detectives, little realising the danger of awakening a long hidden serial killer.
(Period detective story for teenagers and adults).


Was the old STAR WOMAN murdered? The authorities didn’t think so, and the briefest of investigations quickly satisfies them that the file on the lonely old lady’s death could be quietly closed.

BILLY PERKS, the 12 year old schoolboy who had found the body, thought differently. He had no doubt whatsoever that the old lady had been murdered. Saddened and angry that her killer might never pay for the crime, he decides that he will track them down and bring them face to face with the hangman.

With friends YVONNE SPARKES and KICK MORLEY, Billy turns detective, acquiring along the way a trilby hat as worn by his heroes of film and wireless, Humphrey Bogart and Dick Barton. It’s a great new game with serious intent, full of excitement and challenge, but it’s a game that puts them in grave danger, something for which their innocent enthusiasm had not prepared them.

Who is the strange tramp shadowing them? What was written on pages torn from the old woman’s diary and burned in her hearth on the night she was killed? Who are the young airmen photographed alongside their Wellington bomber? The friends start building their case. News of their success leaks out, causing unease in their close knit, South Yorkshire community of the early fifties. buy online as a paperback, or buy as a Kindle ebook   or from in other ebook formats.

Tuppenny Hat detective is a crime adventure story for adults and older teenagers. It deals with adult themes that some parents may consider unsuitable for younger children.

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Dance Floor Drowning

Posted April 21st, 2012 in books by admin

A 2013 “YouWriteOn” prize winner

A gripping mystery for adult and teenage readers.

A corpse floats in a swimming pool beneath a dance floor. A blood soaked head is found in a local beauty spot. A woman is clubbed to death and left to rot in medieval tunnels under the city streets.

Three brutal murders, ten years apart. What connects them? Why is a senior police officer determined to hide the truth? What really happened under cover of an air raid that killed seventy Christmas revellers in a popular city centre pub?

Another Billy Perks investigation. The old team; Billy’s pals Yvonne Sparkes and “Kick” Morley with old Etonian, M.D. Doc Hadfield, are joined this time by a new sleuth, rookie cop, PC John Needham.

Buy it now on Amazon or download a free sample. Dance sample chapters

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Time Rocks

Posted April 9th, 2012 in books by admin

What would you do if you found a high tech gizmo in earth undisturbed since before Stonehenge was built? Sixteen-year-old Jack Shire is blasted back 5000 years to the Stone Age. Only his friend Tori can save him, but she must face a ruthless megalomaniac who is determined to keep secret his control of time travel and the enormous power it gives him. (Sci-fi for teenagers and adults).


When young Jack Shire finds a strange electronic gizmo on an archeaological dig at Stonehenge, he is zapped 5000 years into the past with no means of returning. Vart, a young stone age man, saves Jack’s life, and teaches him how to survive in the hostile, late mesolithic period, an age when wolves, bears, aurochs and lynx roamed the British Isles.

In the 21st century, Tori Morris, tries to find Jack. She stumbles on the world’s most terrifying miltitary secret, something that bestows immense power on its holders. The world will never be the same again, and those who own the secret will stop at nothing to keep it.

You can download  TIME ROCKS free in a variety of e-formats at     Please tell me what you think about it.  I love to hear your comments. Please enter a review if you enjoyed it – (don’t mention it to anybody if you thought it was a load of old pants.)  I hope you enjoy it.

Time Rocks is an adventure story for teenagers and adults.