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Time Rocks

Posted April 9th, 2012 in books by admin

What would you do if you found a high tech gizmo in earth undisturbed since before Stonehenge was built? Sixteen-year-old Jack Shire is blasted back 5000 years to the Stone Age. Only his friend Tori can save him, but she must face a ruthless megalomaniac who is determined to keep secret his control of time travel and the enormous power it gives him. (Sci-fi for teenagers and adults).


When young Jack Shire finds a strange electronic gizmo on an archeaological dig at Stonehenge, he is zapped 5000 years into the past with no means of returning. Vart, a young stone age man, saves Jack’s life, and teaches him how to survive in the hostile, late mesolithic period, an age when wolves, bears, aurochs and lynx roamed the British Isles.

In the 21st century, Tori Morris, tries to find Jack. She stumbles on the world’s most terrifying miltitary secret, something that bestows immense power on its holders. The world will never be the same again, and those who own the secret will stop at nothing to keep it.

You can download  TIME ROCKS free in a variety of e-formats at     Please tell me what you think about it.  I love to hear your comments. Please enter a review if you enjoyed it – (don’t mention it to anybody if you thought it was a load of old pants.)  I hope you enjoy it.

Time Rocks is an adventure story for teenagers and adults.


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The Whispering Bell

Posted April 9th, 2012 in books by admin
The Whispering Bell

Available for Kindle and Ipad

Set in 7th century Anglo-Saxon England, The Whispering Bell, is the story of a woman’s love, and of her fight for justice in a male dominated, heroic age. Wynflaed, orphaned by famine, is rescued and raised in a hall of plenty. She becomes a gifted needlewoman whose artistry is much prized, but the calm and security of her life is soon shattered… (Adult historical fiction).


Set in 7th century Anglo-Saxon England, The Whispering Bell is the story of a woman’s love, and of her fight for justice in a male dominated, heroic age. Wyrd weaves lives between extremes of chaos and calm, exalting some, inundating others. WYNFLAED, orphaned by famine, is rescued and raised in a hall of plenty. She becomes a gifted needle-women whose work is much prized, but the calm and security of her life is shattered when, on the orders of a vindictive king, Mercian raiders destroy her home. WULFRIC, the Mercian’s young commander is deeply struck by Wynflaed’s spirit and beauty. He falls in love with her, and risking all disobeys his vengeful king by sparing her and her adoptive family, but to conceal his disobedience he must destroy their homestead. Wynflaed fails to comprehend the risk he has taken by sparing them. All she sees is the destruction of her home and village. So when she finds herself inexplicably attracted to him, her feelings revolt her. A mysterious shaman’s predictions about her life and Wulfric also find no welcome in her heart. And when foretold of her chains being, “Broken by sunlight in a place without sky,” she scorns his words. Wulfric has loved Wynflaed from the moment he saw her, and despite everything intends to win her over. When he finally succeeds he takes her to his wild and beautiful homeland in the Peak District of northern England. For her morgengifu he gives her a mine, originally worked by the Romans for its lead and silver. Wynflaed works hard to build a home her warrior husband can be proud of, and to make her lead-mine into a thriving business. Unfortunately her success attracts the envy of RENDIL, her resentful, interfering brother-in-law. Tragedy strikes when Wulfric is lost in Mercia’s war with Northumbria, Rendil moves to take control of her mine and farm. Not satisfied with stealing her wealth, he accuses her of a catalogue of crimes supported by the lies of corrupt witnesses, so that he can steal her property. She appeals to the courts, but Rendil has bought and paid for the magistrate and the law fails her. Wynflaed loses everything, her property, her children and even her freedom. She is locked into the slave collar and must endure the suffering and humiliations of a convict slave. Her strength and courage are her only resources. Abandoned by the law she realizes that only amongst other outlaws will she find support. And so, aided by EMMA, a slave girl with whom Wyrd has linked her more than once, she escapes into the great Shire-wood forest seeking the protection of RABBIAN, a fearsome robber king. Wynflaed and Rabbian become lovers. With his help and through the artistry of her needle Wynflaed is able to win back all that she lost, though for Rabbian the price he must pay will be enormous. buy online. as a paperback or as an ebook The Whispering Bell is an adventure story for adults.


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Our Betty

Posted April 10th, 2011 in Blogs, Poetry by admin
Has tha seen our Betty?
She’s got my mam’s shoes on.
She’s fell o’er in our netty,
And ran clomping off in ’em.
She’s reight dreamy is our Betty
En a bit snotty round her noo-az.
Shiz all ass gerrin dressed up,
In me mam’s best cloo-as.
She dreams o’ queens and princes.
She gizzem nowt in cups.
She wears berry juice for lipstick ,
And sings to cats and pups.
Oh shiz a dreamer reight enough,
That stands aaht a mile.
She wants all world happy
En fly blown kids to smile.
I love our little Betty,
Her hearts as big as bread.
She’ll go to Africa one day,
She’ll make sure them kids get fed.
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Book signing at Waterstones

Posted April 10th, 2011 in books by admin

Signing at Waterstones in Sheffield for Tuppenny Hat Detective and The Whispering Bell.